Community & Corporate Training Courses

Community & Corporate Training (formerly BIT) meets the training needs of businesses and industry on their time frame, at their location, at the demands of their business, at a cost they can afford.

Classes Available:

  • Human Resource Classes:
  1. Employee Performance Management
               (performance plans, and evaluations)
  2. Employee Disciplinary Practices—Doing Discipline Right
  3. Avoiding Sexual Harassment Claims
  4. Avoiding Title VII Discrimination Claims
  5. Responding to EEOC Complaints
  6. Risk Management Administration & Issues
  7. Conducting Reduction in Force
  8. Legal Basics for New Businesses-Business Planning and Marketing
  9. Land Use & Zoning Basics: How to Navigate Through
               the Zoning Maze
  10. Arizona Public Records & Open Meeting Act Basics
  11. Public Administration Boot Camp—Basic Training for
               Government Supervisors
  12. Constitutional Law, Legal Philosophy, and
                Legal Research and Writing
  13. Risk management / Controlling Employee Theft and
                Loss Control/Shrinkage
  14. Professionalism, Success on your Job, Portfolios
  15. Microsoft Word / Microsoft Office Suite
  16. Interviewing and Resume Writing
  17. Human Relations: Good Communication Skills
  • Keyboarding
  • Business Grammar
  • Developing Your Professionalism
  • Ten Key Adding Machine
  • Management classes
  • Customer service classes
  • OSHA 10 safety classes
  • OSHA 30 safety classes
  • MSHA safety classes
  • Some Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services update courses
  • Report Writing
  • Industrial Maintenance Operations
  • Some Welding
  • Personal Development classes

Almost anything in the NPC college catalog!

Royce Kincanon, NPC Snowflake/Taylor Campus, (800) 266-7845, ext. 6239
Send him an email.