Degree and Certificate Planning

If you are a degree or certificate-seeking student, your academic adviser can help make sure you are on the right track.

Students attend Northland Pioneer College for many different reasons. While some students take classes just for fun or to brush up on skills, many students are pursuing associates degrees or Certificates of Applied Science or Proficiency with the college.

A few things to know about degrees and certificates at NPC:

  • NPC uses a computer degree audit system. The degree audit lets the adviser show you exactly what courses are required for any degree NPC offers. It also allows the advisor to show you how many credits you have already accumulated that will apply to your degree intention.

  • When you meet with your adviser to begin a degree or certificate program, the adviser will send a degree notification to the Registrar. Make sure to let your adviser know if you are applying for Financial Aid. One of the requirements for receiving federal financial aid (Pell Grant) is that you are pursuing a degree. If you are applying for financial aid, your adviser will also need to send your degree notification to the NPC Financial Aid Office.

  • All students pursuing a degree or certificate of Applied Science need to participate in the NPC placement system. We use a computer placement instrument called COMPASS. COMPASS placement determines where you begin in Math, English and General Education courses. Please contact your adviser for more information regarding the NPC placement system.

  • You may change your degree plan with the college whenever you like. You should realize, however, that if you do change your degree plan, some of the courses you have already taken may not apply to your new degree. For degree options at NPC and what courses are involved, check with your adviser or the NPC Catalog.

  • Your adviser can give you a copy of your degree plan. Put your plan in a safe place--you can use it to fill in classes you have completed and track your progress toward graduation! Be sure to see your adviser every semester to keep up to date on any degree/certificate changes.