Water Treatment

Why Choose NPC's Water Treatment?

Having a certificate from NPC in water supply and treatment or wastewater collection and treatment can help you land a job in the water treatment field or provide you with the training needed for career advancement. Employers prefer applicants knowledgeable in water-quality technology as it reduces their training responsibilities and demonstrates the applicant's commitment to working in this field.

NPC offers two certificates of proficiency in the water treatment areas: one in wastewater collection & treatment; one in water supply treatment. These courses help prepare you to pass the required state of Arizona Operator Certification License Exam and prove your competency to work in the water treatment field.

About Our Program

NPC's three courses in water supply and treatment teach you water science, hydraulics and mathematics, safety, maintenance, management, processes and legal issues. Additionally, instruction in other topics covered by the program is adjusted and prioritized based on the most current Arizona certification exams to help prepare you for the state test.

NPC also offers three courses in wastewater collection and treatment that teach effective preparation, analysis and interpretation of wastewater samples and the treatment of wastewater for disease control. As above, other topics of study are prioritized based on the most recent Arizona certification exams to prepare you for state testing.

Degree/Certificate Options

Two Certificates of Proficiency (CP) are offered by the NPC Industrial Maintenance &

  • Water Supply Treatment (18 cr.) – three six-credit hour courses:
    Water Supply & Treatment I, II & III.
  • Wastewater Collection & Treatment (18 cr.) – three six-credit hour courses:
    Wastewater Collection & Treatment I, II & III.

This training may also be available through the Community and Corporate Training division.

    Career Opportunities

    Job growth for water treatment plant operators is predicted to increase much faster than the average for all jobs in the U.S. over the next decade. If you have good problem solving skills, mechanical aptitude and some computer knowledge, you may want to consider this specialized field. While you generally start work as an attendant or assistant operator, training can provide you with the knowledge required for state certification to become a full-fledged operator. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average annual salary in Arizona of a treatment plant operator at $37,810. (May, 2014 SOC 51-8031)

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    (800) 266-7845, ext. 6239

    Gainful Employment

    The U.S. Department of Education requires all colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that "prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation."  Gainful employment disclosure information can be found for specific programs regarding tuition and fees and median loan debt, completion and job placement rates, and jobs related to the program on the web page for each program area.

    We hope this information is helpful to our current and prospective students as you make your career and educational choices. For more information on Gainful Employment requirements, please read this letter from the U.S. Department of Education (7-page PDF).



      Information on all eligible NPC programs can be found in the Gainful Employment Data Archives.