Satisfactory Academic Progress

All students, including those who receive Federal financial aid (FPELL, FSEOG and FWS), are required to maintain certain standards of academic performance called Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).  

A student must make satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of his/her degree or certificate program. NPC has both a qualitative and quantitative measure of academic progress:

  1. Qualitative Requirement: Maintain a minimum cumulative grade
         point average of 2.0 or above (based on at least 2 semesters of
         course work).
  2. Quantitative Requirements: Satisfactorily complete at least 67%
         of the courses
    in which the student is enrolled, based on the
         following schedule:

Credit Hour Load

67% Minimum Completion Each Semester
(12 or more credits)                                         
Must satisfactorily complete 8 credits
3/4 time
(9 - 11 credits)
Must satisfactorily complete 6 credits
1/2 time
(6 - 8 credits)
Must satisfactorily completes 4 credits
(5 or fewer credits)      
Must satisfactorily complete the number of hours funded. (i.e., if a student is funded for 4 credits hours, the student must complete the 4 credit hours).

Satisfactory Completion

means earning a passing grade of A, B, C, D, or P.  Grades of I, W or F are not considered passing grades. Academic progress toward a degree or certificate program will be measured at the end of each semester.  

Repeat vs. Retaking a Course

A student may repeat a previously passed course one time only (letter grade higher than a "D"). (Same as below: Maximum Time Frame item #2)

NOTE: Transfer Students applying for financial aid must submit official transcripts from all previous college work to the Records & Registration Office. Students must include and complete the Request for Evaluation of Transfer Credit form. This form may be obtained from an academic adviser, or the Records and Registration Office. Evaluated credits will assist advisement prior to enrolling at NPC. Transferred credit hours will be counted as both attempted and completed hours.

Maximum Time Frame for Completion of a Degree or Certificate (150% Rule)

Students may be funded up to 150% of the published program length with or without financial aid based on a 2-year program of study (64 credit hours x 150% = funded up to 96 credit hours). This includes all attempted NPC credits as well as all accepted transfer, CLEP and assessed credits. It also includes all semesters with or without financial assistance.

  • Exception: Students accepted and enrolled in NPC's Nursing Program may be funded up to 108 credit hours, including all attempted NPC courses and all transfer, CLEP and assessed credits.
  1. Academic Progress toward the degree/certificate program will be measured at the end of each semester.
  2. Students may repeat a course four (4) times (if passing grade is not received) and receive financial aid funding provided all academic progress requirements are met. Also, students may receive funding for a maximum of six (6) repeatable special projects or special classes.
  3. Eligibility for federal financial aid is limited for students required to take "pre-college" CCP/TLC/BSK courses at NPC. Students are limited to the equivalent of 1 year, or 30 credit hours of approved TLC/BSK classes. Ineligible TLC/BSK classes will not be funded and will be counted toward the 30 credit limit.

Students Who Do Not Meet SAP Requirements will:

  • First, be placed on Warning Status

  • Second, be placed on Probation Status

Financial Aid Warning Status
  • Recipients of financial assistance will receive a warning notice after any semester in which their cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 and/or they fail to satisfactorily complete 67% of their enrollment for two semesters or academic coursework.
  • Students are eligible to continue to receive financial assistance while on Warning Status if all their eligibility requirements are met.
  • Students will be removed from Warning Status after completing the following semester in good academic standing.
Financial Aid Probation Status

Recipients of financial assistance will be suspended from aid if they fail to meet the 2.0 minimum cumulative grade point average, and/or fail to complete 67% of their enrollment for 2 semesters of academic course work.

  • Appeal is required if placed on financial aid probation.

Students who are placed on probation status are required to appeal their eligibility status to the NPC Financial Aid Office and also to the SAP Committee by filing a Petition for Reinstatement.

1.  A student must submit a Petition for Reinstatement for each appeal and should be based on extenuating circumstances as documented by the student.

2.  The student must also submit in writing the reason(s) the student did not meet SAP including how the condition or situation has been resolved thus allowing the student the ability to meet SAP.

3.  Submit supporting documentation with their request.

4.  Students must also submit a full degree audit.

  • The outcome for an appeal may include approval, warning status, restricted status or suspension status.
Financial Aid Restricted Status

Students placed on restricted status will be placed on an academic plan towards successful completion of degree or certificate program. The student will be reviewed at the end of each semester for SAP as well as making progress towards completion of degree program. Any student making progress and who meets SAP requirements will be considered an eligible student.

  • A student may continue to receive financial aid assistance only as the result of a successful appeal.
If Student Decides Not to Appeal

Students who do not appeal and decide to continue at NPC must complete six credit hours, meet all SAP requirements and must use their own financial resources for any educational expenses. Students may be reinstated by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid Suspension

Recipients of financial aid assistance placed on "restricted status" who fail to make satisfactory academic progress after granted an appeal(s) will be DENIED any further financial aid assistance. Once a student is placed on "suspension status," no further appeals are allowed.

Additional Information

regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is available in the NPC College Catalog or on the MyNPC website.

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