President’s Message


NPC President Dr. Jeanne SwarthoutI've always had a fascination with ancient cultures and their development.
Finding an undamaged pot filled with seeds or petroglyphs etched in desert varnish triggers my mind to learn more about those who have lived on this land before us. How did they survive day-to-day? What crops supplied their food? What skills did the elders pass down to younger generations? This quest for new knowledge did not cease when I received my doctorate in anthropology. It continues to this day, not limited by my academic discipline, but ever-expanding in the classics, the arts, the sciences, sustainability, and, for me at least, maintenance hands-on skills.

This quest for lifelong learning led me to Northland Pioneer College where I've found engaging and qualified instructors and staff eager to share their knowledge. And here at NPC I've found students of all ages, each with a personal goal and heartfelt desire to learn and succeed. These students are scattered throughout the huge area of Northeastern Arizona served by this remarkable community college. Students are found in the traditional classrooms of our campuses and centers; they are in audio and video settings linked by distance education technologies. They are online, participants in the more than ninety Internet classes offered by NPC. And our courses cover an amazing range of studies from reading for new adult learners to advanced calculus, from basic computer skills to maintenance of complex networks, from courses preparing for advanced academic degrees to hands-on community interest classes satisfying the thirst for learning on a more personal level.

Serving our local communities is a guiding vision at NPC. As President, I do my utmost to insure that all our four campuses, five centers and nearly 200 other educational sites deliver learning opportunities to the residents of Northeastern Arizona. It gives me great satisfaction that the college is involved in our communities by providing cultural activities such as music and dance and theatrical performances, fine art exhibits, and public meeting spaces. I take further pride in our partnerships with numerous local businesses and industries to provide job skill enhancement, re-training, and internship opportunities.

Since 1974, NPC has been preparing job-ready workers, today in 106 different career fields. As you browse the pages of this website you'll discover how NPC is changing the lives of our students and energizing our communities by training pre-school workers, teachers, firemen and paramedics, nurses and pharmacy technicians, heavy equipment operators, power plant personnel, welders, and office administrators, many of the folks you encounter every day.

At NPC not only do we prepare students to enter vocational fields, we also ready students to succeed as upper classmen at the university level by providing quality foundational learning opportunities. Our courses of study are not only of exceptional quality, they are an exceptional value as NPC has the most affordable tuition costs of any community college in Arizona. Our students, working with the expert guidance of NPC academic advisors, can select courses that will easily transfer to Arizona's four-year universities. By so doing, students may save thousands of dollars in tuition expense by completing their first two years of a bachelor's degree with us.

I am sincere when I say that we at NPC are always here to help you.  Faculty and staff are friendly and knowledgeable; feel free to ask any of us questions about the programs and services we offer. Just meeting with one of our academic advisors is the first step you can take to insure you are on the right path to your goals, whatever they may be.

Welcome to NPC!

Jeanne Swarthout, Ph.D.
President, Northland Pioneer College