Course Selection Assistance

Your academic adviser can provide valuable assistance in selecting courses appropriate for your educational and career objectives.

There are many advantages to meeting with your academic adviser prior to registration:

  • Some NPC courses have prerequisites, such as placement scores or a class you must have taken first. Your adviser can identify those prerequisites and make sure you are eligible and ready for the classes you need. If you have a question about a prerequisite for a course, ask your advisor. You can also find up much of this information yourself in the NPC Catalog.

  • While NPC currently publishes a paper schedule of courses available for each semester, there are always changes after the paper schedule is published. You can check the updated on-line schedule, or you can talk with your advisor, who will always have the latest information about course changes, additions, or cancellations.

  • If you are pursuing a degree designed for transfer to an Arizona public university, you may be limited in your course selection. Please consult your adviser to make sure that courses you plan to take will transfer to the universities.