NPC Friends & Family raises $30,985

April 6, 2018 by Anonymous

Students at Northland Pioneer College will be the beneficiaries of $27,235 $30,985 raised by NPC Friends & Family on Arizona Gives Day, April 3.

The nonprofit organization providing scholarships for NPC students received an additional $4,750 in bonus money after other organizations selected higher bonuses in other categories.

NPC Friends and Family won bonus money for:

  • $2,500 for Most Dollars Raised by a Small Nonprofit

  • $1,500 for Most Dollars Raised in Pre-Scheduled Donations by a Small Nonprofit

  • $750 for the Most Unique Donations Prescheduled for a Small Nonprofit

Here's the other coolest thing! The three other "rurals" getting bonus prizes are all from Navajo County!

  • Rural 1st Place: The Humane Society of the White Mountains. They also received prize money for the most prescheduled donations for a mid-sized nonprofit
  • Rural 2nd Place: The Hopi Foundation
  • Rural 4th Place: Hopi Education Endowment Fund

When the clock struck midnight to end the one-day statewide fundraising campaign, NPC Friends & Family had collected $26,235 in donations to finish in fourth place among rural small nonprofits, earning a $1,000 bonus from the Freeport-MacMoRan Foundation.

“Many of the bonus prizes are nonstackable, which means a nonprofit who qualified for multiple bonuses had to choose, usually the larger amount. That resulted in rankings changing, and $4,750 more to NPC Friends & Family’s general scholarship fund,” explained Betsyann Wilson, executive director of the nonprofit that provides scholarships to Northland Pioneer College students.

“We won $2,500 for ‘Most Dollars Raised by a Small Nonprofit,’ another $1,500 for the ‘Most Dollars Raised in Prescheduled Donations by a Small Nonprofit’ and $750 for the ‘Most Unique Donations Prescheduled by a Small Nonprofit,’” added Wilson.

“Here’s the coolest thing! The top four rural nonprofits are all from Navajo County. The Humane Society of the White Mountains finished in first place and also received a bonus for the most prescheduled donations for a mid-sized nonprofit. The Hopi Foundation was second, NPC Friends & Family, third, and the Hopi Education Endowment Fund finished fourth,” she continued.

Writing to donors at the conclusion of the day’s event, Wilson said, “You are the best colleagues, friends and student advocates on Earth. Thank you is so inadequate, but it is all I have.”

NPC Friends & Family donations came from 81 unique individuals. “There were several very generous anonymous gifts that made this our best Arizona Gives Day yet, $8,561 more than last year! I wish I knew who you were because you made a HUGE difference in our effort to raise scholarship dollars for NPC students.”

Many NPC students are the first generation in their families to pursue a college education. They are setting an example for their children, demonstrating that a college degree is attainable and worth achieving. Many are working adults with jobs, children, family or elders to care for. “As a donor, you provide the help they need to reach their dreams,” continued Wilson. “More than a scholarship; it is acknowledgment that what they are striving for is worth it, and that someone recognizes and cares about their struggle.”

Wilson expressed appreciation to “Angie Fabian and our friends at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center. Motivated by their substantial challenge gift, we raised $5,000 before noon, and they matched it, to add to over $6,000 in pre-scheduled donations. That set the tone for the rest of the day.”

Her appreciation extended to Ann Hess and Becca Hunt for all of the social media posts and keeping her company through text messages throughout the day. “And to constant AZ Gives Champ (President) Dr. Swarthout for the late-night gives that keeps us in place on the leader board when I’m out of energy,” Wilson adds.

Donors had the option to designate gifts to specific scholarships. Over 21 percent of the Friends & Family donations went to the new Dr. Jeanne Swarthout Presidential Excellence Scholarship, created to honor the retiring college president. Another 8 percent came in for the Prescott Winslow Memorial Scholarship, honoring the late NPC Governing Board member; almost 6 percent to the Claude Endfield Early Childhood Scholarship; and slightly over 1 percent to the VAL 153 Memorial Scholarship, for fire and emergency medical personnel.

Any undesignated donations, plus the bonus money, will be used for Friends & Family scholarships including the Fill the Gap, Leg Up, High School Equivalency and Placement Testing scholarships. For details about these and other scholarships, visit

Unofficial totals showed $2,651,847 was raised on Arizona Gives Day for 902 organizations from 17,640 donors. Results will not be final until April 13, but Wilson is not anticipating any more changes in the results.

All donations to NPC Friends and Family, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are tax deductible. NPC Friends & Family is organized exclusively to support the mission and goals of Northland Pioneer College through advancement of college programs and services, establishment and growth of student scholarships and positive promotion of NPC. For more information about fundraising events or creating or donating to a scholarship, please contact Betsyann Wilson at (928) 536-6245, email, or consider making a gift online today.