The purpose of Northland Pioneer College





Our Mission

Northland Pioneer College creates, supports and
promotes lifelong learning.



Our Visions

  • NPC creates a learner-centered environment.
  • NPC responds to community needs.
  • NPC provides effective and responsive service to our constituencies.
  • NPC fosters professional growth and collegial collaboration.

Our Values

  • We Value Learning

NPC is a community designed first and foremost to promote learning for our constituencies and for ourselves.

  • We Value Quality

NPC is strongly committed to improving learning opportunities by promoting high educational standards.

  • We Value Integrity

NPC is an organization that demands honesty and fairness in every relationship.

  • We Value Diversity

NPC respects and promotes multi-culturalism in its students, academic programs and employment.

  • We Value Service

NPC is a service organization dedicated to helping our students determine and achieve their goals.

  • We Value Accountability

NPC adopts efficient operational practices to assure that our constituencies receive the highest quality services for the lowest possible cost.

  • We Value Responsiveness

NPC addresses community and students needs quickly.

  • We Value Students and Colleagues

NPC respects and promotes the dignity, worth and capabilities of each individual.

  • We Value Access

NPC is committed to providing accessible and affordable learning opportunities.

  • We Value Collaboration

NPC can best serve its communities through cooperation and partnerships.

Our Purposes

1. General Education

To foster the intellectual inquiry and breadth of knowledge as well as the skills inherent in general education.

2. Degrees/Certificates/Transfers

To facilitate student achievement of Associate degrees, certificates, and/or successful transfer to Baccalaureate programs.

3. Employability

To promote development of occupational skills.

4. Personal Enrichment

To encourage an awareness and appreciation of social, cultural, intellectual, and artistic endeavors as well as individual development and cultural diversity.

5. Developmental Education

To facilitate student success through development of skills essential for effective learning.

6. Support Services

To enhance student success through accessible and comprehensive student services.

7. Economic Development

To contribute to economic development through community programs and activities.

8. Professional Excellence

To attract and retain a highly qualified faculty and staff dedicated to student-centered learning, ethical practices, and
continued professional development.

9. Access

To disseminate learning and deliver services to diverse communities throughout the college’s rural service area.

10. Institutional Effectiveness

To strengthen planning and evaluation of our Institutional Purposes to assure that our goals are effectively met.