Check Internet Course Registration Status

It can take up to 5 business days for NPC to process your online registration form for Internet classes.
  • If you filled out the Online Course Registration Form more than 5 business days ago and have NOT received a response from NPC, an error may have occurred in the form submission.

To check your registration status for Internet classes,
please call the Records & Registration Office at
(800) 266-7845 ext. 7459.

Prior to enrollment in Internet sections (POS 221 & 222 are exempt) students must either demonstrate or develop basic computer skills necessary for online learning. Students who feel confident about their abilities can demonstrate this by completing an opt-out test. Those who have trouble successfully completing the test must enroll in Skills for Online Learning – ICT 095, a half-credit, tuition-free course consisting of four hours of face-to-face contact and four hours of online work. Find out more here. Testing FAQs.